Prophetic Guild

School of the Prophets

For the past 19 years, the Lord has been using Prophet Climate Wiseman in such a mighty way. Since the establishment of Deliverance and Miracles Centre In London the Ministry has grown in such a great strength. For years Prophet Climate has functioned as a Prophet over the Nations, and the work has grown so much that the Lord spoke to him on New Years Eve of 2009 to start a School of Prophets and Prophetesses.

Prophet Climate is a man of God who has always celebrated the gifts of others. He was born and raised up with special gifts from God in order to train others and impart to them the gift of prophecy and other spiritual gifts in order that they might function and fullfil thier destiny, changing nations and their society. For the Prosperity of the People of God is in the Mouth of their Prophet.(2 Chron 20:20)

Many true prophets and prophetesses have found themselves cornered or swallowed by religion and the system of the world, finding themselves unable to function and discharge their duties on a regular basis, while others are finding themselves at a disadvantage and under demonic, spiritual and economical siege.

Prophet Climate’s School of Prophecy focuses on total restoration of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit to the Body of Christ and to its members and students:

1. Anointing
2. Impartation
3. Discipline
4. Service


The Origin of the School of Prophets

Prophetic guilds or schools. Samuel was the head of a company of prophets at Ramah (1 Sa 7:17; 1 Sa 28:3), and 200 years later Elijah and Elisha were leaders of similar groups.
Those who attend Prophetic guilds or schools where given a title SONS OF THE PROPHETS. They were men endowed with the prophetic gift (2 Ki 10:10; 1 Ki 19:20-23), who gathered around God’s great leader for –

  1. Common worship
  2. United prayer
  3. Religious fellowship
  4. Instruction of the people (2 Ki 10:5; 2 Ki 10:10; 2 Ki 4:38; 2 Ki 4:40; 2 Ki 6:1-7; 2 Ki 9:1).

In the times of Elijah and Elisha they formed a comparatively large company (2 Ki 2:7; 2 Ki 2:16) and lived together at Bethel, Jericho, and Gilgal (2 Ki 2:3-5, 2 Ki 4:38).

There are qualifications for you to join the School of Prophecy. Not every one is qualified; it’s only through serious prayer and analysing that one is allowed to qualify. Once you Join, on a regular basis you will meet with the Man of God for Training, Mentorship and Assignments, and then you will become one of the sons or daughters of the Prophet – a term used in the Bible referring to the those who ministered under that capacity .

This not just a Guild or School, but it is a walk of building, restoring and despatching. During this time, the prophet will also invite other master prophets to help train and instruct the sons & daughter of the prophetic guild.

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